Book Store

Book Store
PaperPie store (formanlly Usborne Books and More)

Looking for engaging, entertaining, and educational books? Come check out my online bookstore! I would love to send you a link with suggestions tailored to your specific interests and needs. Feel free to text me at 801-430-9920.

Link to my store

Book Club

Over the summer, I hold an in person book club where we will meet twice a week for two weeks.  We read, talk about books, and do some activity.  This summer (2023) will we be doing a lot with STEM.  If you are interested, text Book Club to 801-430-9920.


Our Recipes Cookbook

We compiled all our family favorite recipes into one book.  Recipes had to fill three criteria

  1. Quick to put together
  2. Nice enough to serve to company
  3. Kid friendly