Poetry Challenge

2023 Challenge: write one new poem a day in April. I follow Stephanie Peterson Abney’s A Month of Poetry Challenge on Facebook to learn new styles of poems. I have to qualify this page and say that the ONLY time I write rhyming poetry is for this challenge — it feels forced and unnatural and I avoid it at all costs. That being said, for your enjoyment I present my 30 days of poetry!

April 1: Couplet

The book was supposed to last all week –

But the weather turned pretty bleak.

Not willing to deal with the snow

I let my reading time grow.

And now (I’m afraid to admit) a new problem arises

I need novels consisting of larger sizes!

April 2: -ing Poem








April 3: Naani Poem

Who do I intend to become?

When all is said and done,

let the tears wash away all

that is not me.

Day 4: Quatrain

I anticipate this writing a poem a day

Just like I did through all of high school.

Lately it feels like I have little to say.

“Just smile and nod” is the unspoken rule.

 Words boil inside anyway

While outside, I try to remain cool

Pressure builds – I need out of this fray!

Pen and paper become the tool. 

April 5: Windspark

I dreamed

I was a candy kiss

Warm inside your sweet baby mouth

Not caring I was melting


Day 6: What If Poem

What if I had kept writing a poem a day all these years?

I might have honed my skills instead of needing to rediscover them.

What if I had used a theme to guide my thoughts?

I could have compiled them into a book.

What if I keep this habit for more then this month?

I would finally say what I need to say!

Who am I about to become?

Day 7: Pleiades Poem


Loud complaining and eye rolling,

Lying on the floor in agony,

Longing to be doing ANYTHING else on a sunny day!

Labile behavior for a 40 something year old 

Lady who is fully capable of just starting the darn thing . . . 

Laughing under my breath when finished – 

“Landsakes!  It took two minutes to fold!”

April 8: Senses Poem

Light filtering through the aspen leaves making patterns on my skin

Damp soil, butterscotch, campfire smoke

Whispers of the secrets the leaves pass to each other on the wind

Sun warmth on the smooth surface of my thinking rock

Dutch oven raspberry peach cobbler lingering in my mouth

I think of John Denver singing, “Hey it’s good to be back home again”

April 9: Free Verse
April 10: 5 W’s Poem

The girl in the mirror

Is looking a bit . . . different . . . today

Grey in her hair, wrinkles by her eyes

I’m not sure when 

Age started to creep in on her

Day 11: Tan-Renga

Day 12: Shadorma

Sweet Baby – 

Who isn’t so small – 

Calls me up

“Momma, I

Need you at the hospital.

Please, come hold my hand.”

Day 13: Cinquain


Reading, writing

Discover something new

Daily hugs, celebrate their wins-

My joy

Day 14: Cinquain 2
Day 15: Synonym Poem


Handle, reach, feel, affect, move

Praying the lesson I taught helped you improve

Day 16: Pyramid Poem


Stacked books

Stacked books tumbled

Stacked books tumbled slowly

Stacked books tumbled slowly after being touched

Day 17: Pensee


Testing the spring

This year, refusing to leave

April showers means no May flowers

Finally – Sun!

Day 18: Octopoem

Grey-blue walls provide a sanctuary

Against the winter storm raging outside.

My bedroom – the one that had been ours –

*wiped dry of tears and rain

Given a new coat to erase the wear and years

New bed, New nightstands, New lamps, Old rocking chair

No TV blaring Criminal Minds while he is passed out drunk.

Just me, a new book, a cup of coffee, and the calm. 

Day 19: Waltmarie

Warm spring day filled with


Tracing invisible tracks on the windowpane


In drips to the flowerbed below.

Singing of birds stilled while the


Of my bare feet in the kitchen floor feeds

My soul

Day 20: Acrostic
Day 21: Tyburn






Morning wake-up creamy, dreamy, tip

Evening partner, trusty, steamy sip

Day 22: Nonet

Day 23: Rhyming

Day 24:

Day 25: Lantern