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The Space of Missing Someone

There are few things that impact us more then losing a person we love. Having gone through my second divorce, I think I can say that losing them in any way causes heartache. There is […]

Budgeting That Works

“Why is it that two intelligent women struggle this much with something as simple as budgeting?” my friend asked. We had been talking about making sure our kids were registered for the sports they were […]

Daily Declarations

I don’t think we have talked about declarations (or affirmations) before, so I wanted to do a quick write up of what they are. What are Daily Declarations? Basically, they are short statements you tell […]

No Buy Year

Confession: Sometimes when I make a list, I add things I have already done just so I can check it off. Do you ever do that? It gives me a bit of momentum to do […]

Word of the Year 2022

Intentional was the word I picked for last year. I felt good with that choice for the first two months. Then it all fell apart in a complete mess. Lets just say a few police […]

Resolve to Read

It’s no secret that I love to read. In case you haven’t looked over my Currently Reading page, I made it through 60 books last year! Many people in my life (including my students) have […]

My Media Break

I have five active kids who span 15 years between the oldest (B was born in August 2000) and youngest (Baby was born in November 2015). When they were all living here at home, it […]

Increasing Productivity (aka decluttering the office)

Long standing favorite movie of mine is Fight Club. After watching it, I want to go live in an abandoned building filled with random magazines in the leaky basement. But, in all honestly, my favorite […]

Imperfect Progress Challenge Accepted

Talking to car sales men with littles is a daunting task on a good day. Add in the snow, the fact that the new car is now acting up, and once again it is dinner […]

Accidental Explosions of Shame

We had an accident this week. Another car turned into me, and my van ended up under the car. I saw it coming and braced myself for the impact; the kids didn’t know what was […]