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Facing Fears

When I was little, I KNEW there was a witch that lived under my bed — I dreamed of her often, and still remember the vivid dreams well into my adulthood. When I woke up […]

The Glue That Binds

It doesn’t fail — the month I have a goal to do something is the month that I seem to struggle in that specific thing! Relationship: In order to build a closer relationship with ladies […]

The Way It Is (Sometimes)

Did you notice I dropped off for a bit there? Moment of honesty: I kinda tanked this past month. Life got too overwhelming and I wasn’t on medication like I needed to be. I didn’t […]

Altering Attitudes

Choose the words that will point you in the direction of your goals ~ Jeff Keller Several years ago I was taking a class to help me understand and better cope with my depression. One […]

Growing in Financial Freedom

“If you want to grow your {finances}, you need to grow as an individual” ~ Crystal Paine Physical: I will put into action 2 concepts learned from reading Money Making Mom as I follow the […]

Family Mission Statement

Review of the goal: By January 30, 2019, I will write a family value and mission statement that will direct intentional family decision making as we make family goals for the 2019 year. (Book: Living […]

Three Steps to a Story Board

This post is from Sharon Olsen, author of Living Your Legacy. I asked her to explain the process of Story Boarding which is found in Chapter 2 of the book. I understood the concept, but […]

Blind-Spot Check

You know those books that the title grabs your attention and before you have even started to read, you know you are in love? Living Your Legacy by Sharon Olson was one of those for […]

Welcome 2019!

2019.  A new year, and a new chance to look over what areas the family needs to focus on in my life: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends, Fun.  I turned to my expert […]

New Direction

This was supposed to be the month I finally dug out the play room and made me a space to work and exercise in.  Instead, it turned into the month I cleaned out my classroom, […]

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