Exercise Journal

The month I wrote in my journal each morning after I did a work out was AMAZING! I did my workouts, watched what I was eating and drinking, and felt better.

Then I moved on, and I started slipping into some of my old (bad) habits. So, to keep myself accountable, I’m asking you to be my partner again. Every day I’m going to log what I did for exercise (as well as any tips or tricks I used). Thanks for helping me get to a healthier me!


Day 1: I ran for 30 minutes and listened to Terri Brady talk about parenting.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4: Went on a hike with my bff Christina and her two kids. 1 mile up to see the waterfall, one mile back to the car. Another half mile (not really, but it sure felt like it!) on the beach to sit and watch the kids “get their feet wet”. Stripped the soaking wet kids down before we loaded back into the van and headed home. Didn’t drink enough water for the day, and the kids talked me into McDonald’s for lunch since I hadn’t planned on the swimming part and so hadn’t packed lunch.

Day 5: Two rounds of Bowling! I’m counting that as exercise for the day!

Day 13: See, this is why I need an accountability journal. It has been over a week! This morning I did a Hi Fit (is that how you spell it?) class over zoom with my UBAM family! It was fun — I’m out of shape!

Day 14: Went for a short hike through some local poppy fields with the kids (some in flip flops, and some in winter boots).

Day 15: