Category: Word of the Year

Daily Declarations

I don’t think we have talked about declarations (or affirmations) before, so I wanted to do a quick write up of what they are. What are Daily Declarations? Basically, they are short statements you tell […]

Word of the Year 2022

Intentional was the word I picked for last year. I felt good with that choice for the first two months. Then it all fell apart in a complete mess. Lets just say a few police […]

My Media Break

I have five active kids who span 15 years between the oldest (B was born in August 2000) and youngest (Baby was born in November 2015). When they were all living here at home, it […]

Word of the Year 2021

We needed a quiet movie to help us calm down before we started New Year’s Eve shenanigans (which included a lot of game playing, treats, and one friend for a few hours). The cute figure […]

What is that Stink?

A therapist I was chatting with this month said, “Sometimes we need someone else to tell us that we stink. We aren’t the best judge of that, are we?” How true is that? I absolutely […]

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