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Word of the Year 2021

We needed a quiet movie to help us calm down before we started New Year’s Eve shenanigans (which included a lot of game playing, treats, and one friend for a few hours). The cute figure […]

What is that Stink?

A therapist I was chatting with this month said, “Sometimes we need someone else to tell us that we stink. We aren’t the best judge of that, are we?” How true is that? I absolutely […]

Quick Switch

If you have been following closely, you know that February is supposed to be a physical goal. I was excited to start up a new exercise routine, but then three major things happened. All three […]

Blind Spot Check 2019

This year (and decade) is officially over, and I’m doing a lot of reflecting. Not just this year, or the past decade, but on all of my life. Normally I write up a questionnaire and […]

The Way It Is (Sometimes)

Did you notice I dropped off for a bit there? Moment of honesty: I kinda tanked this past month. Life got too overwhelming and I wasn’t on medication like I needed to be. I didn’t […]

New Direction

This was supposed to be the month I finally dug out the play room and made me a space to work and exercise in.  Instead, it turned into the month I cleaned out my classroom, […]

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