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Checking For A Tail

A Short Story Let me tell you a short story about a boy walking down the road. As he was walking, he met a man going the other way. “Hey! You’re a donkey!” the man […]

Love Language Lists

When the big girls were little, we had a jar where we would write out things they wanted to do on slips of paper and drop them in. A the start of the month, we […]

Quarantine with a Preschooler

I have a confession to make: some days I love working from home, and other days I want to send them all to school so I can be ALONE. With the quarantine, we are all […]

I’m Not “Fun”

Do you know the song “Raise Your Glass” by Pink? Here is a quick listen to it to refresh your memory: When my older two were little, they assigned parts of this song to […]

Welcome 2019!

2019.  A new year, and a new chance to look over what areas the family needs to focus on in my life: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends, Fun.  I turned to my expert […]

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