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What is Success?

There are so many things I want to do in one day. Be a good teacher who reaches out to kids while delivering stellar curriculum. Be a successful business owner who holds parties and recruits […]

Facing Fears

When I was little, I KNEW there was a witch that lived under my bed — I dreamed of her often, and still remember the vivid dreams well into my adulthood. When I woke up […]

Three Steps to a Story Board

This post is from Sharon Olsen, author of Living Your Legacy. I asked her to explain the process of Story Boarding which is found in Chapter 2 of the book. I understood the concept, but […]

Blind-Spot Check

You know those books that the title grabs your attention and before you have even started to read, you know you are in love? Living Your Legacy by Sharon Olson was one of those for […]

Building Better Relationships

I realize that relationships need to be built outside of the classroom as well as inside, but the focus this month was doing something towards my Professional Goals at school as well as completing a […]

Catalyst Leader: Week 4

March has simply flown by in a whirlwind of rain and snow.  I’m looking out my back window at the snow falling on my tulips, realizing Easter is next week and R turns 9 on […]

Catalyst Leader: Week 3

Be proud with me for a minute: I delegated this week!  I asked ladies to take over setting up and taking down the tables for the Tea party, and I got the Royal Rangers to […]

Catalyst Leader: Week 2

It’s amazing to me how when I choose to focus on a topic, things come up based on that topic.  I know it’s the Law of Attraction (defined as the belief that what you focus […]

Review of The Catalyst Leader

When you are living out your calling, your work will be better, and you will naturally work harder ~ Brad Lomenick One of the deacons at church actually introduced this book to me with the […]

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