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Challenge Physically Fit Accepted

Weight has become a bit of a problem lately. I’m going to blame it on aging. In reality, I’ve gotten into some bad habits like not being active and drinking soda. January 1, 2023 started […]

Imperfect Progress Challenge Accepted

Talking to car sales men with littles is a daunting task on a good day. Add in the snow, the fact that the new car is now acting up, and once again it is dinner […]

Accidental Explosions of Shame

We had an accident this week. Another car turned into me, and my van ended up under the car. I saw it coming and braced myself for the impact; the kids didn’t know what was […]

I Am Out of Control – Again

Being in and out of quarantine has definitely been an interesting cycle, hasn’t it? The first week went well. The kids and I spent a lot of time snuggling, reading, making playdough, and talking about […]

A Time To Rest

I want to stat today off with one of my favorite songs. It begs another listen today. “What does this have to do with fitness?” you are asking. Good question! Training When I was training […]

In the Dance Studio

Another ballet poem today. Or, a life poem depending on how you choose to look at it. Again, it is a picture for the formatting.

Pictures I couldn’t take

Poem I wrote after my first marathon. I wanted to rewrite it, but I like the formatting. I’m not able to replicate that on the blog.

I Am A Marathoner

Never in a million years would I have given myself this title. I was a dancer. A writer. NOT a runner. Then I became a single mom working two jobs and trying to keep it […]

My Life Etched on a Marley Floor

This, is my life, etched here on the black Marley by the blocks in my pointe shoes and scuffed with marks from my bare feet as I danced, and sweated, and bleed, and cried. This, […]

Identity in Fitness

I was not know for my athletic ability as a child. You know the stories of the baseball players that were put out in left field because they were really bad at playing? Yeah, I […]

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