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Prayer and Devotional Schedule

I want to be a sassy old lady when I grow up! One who isn’t afraid to speak the truth in a loving, yet direct manner. I want to be a force for good in […]

Opened Doors: Week 5

The day my first husband and I decided we were going to file for divorce I had a huge car wreck. Just before I hit the cement wall that did this damage, I sincerely asked […]

Opened Doors: Week 4

If you have been following me, you might remember the survey I asked my closest friends to fill out for me.  I knew I needed to check my Blind Spots so I could move forward. […]

Opened Doors: Week 3

What’s Your Problem? As a teacher of teenagers, I have the opportunity to hear problems voiced daily: “My brother smashed my phone” “I don’t read, so I couldn’t do the homework” “I don’t have a […]

Opened Doors: Week 2

Have you been missing out? B and I made it out to Florida for her final high school career Debate competition.  Through all the adventures we had while there — the competition, seeing real alligators […]

Stepping Through Opened Doors: Week 1

             “Are you ready for an adventure?” I’m writing this morning sitting at my kitchen table with the back door open so our Black Lab, Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Patchett, […]

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