Easter Baskets of Literacy

Easter Baskets of Literacy

Spring is around the corner, and I’m so excited for rain and mud and flowers! And, it is also one of the New Title releases in my book business! Yay! I love the smell of new books in the spring!

Notice: This post is a complete and shameless plug for my book business. If you end up shopping the links, I will get paid. Also note, I borrowed these videos from friends. I’m still working on my video making skills.

New Releases

I love how PaperPie has new releases four times each year. Here is a short video with our mid-season Spring books! Family Connection Tip: Encourage older kids to read to their younger siblings, — and vice versa! Connections between siblings is SO good for self esteem and a feeling of belonging! Reading to someone, and being read to, strengthens that connection and will help your kids having lasting relationships with each other!

Smart Lab Toys

One of my goals for each holiday is to give activities that get my kids off their screens. My oldest has struggled with reading, so I have to get more creative to help him be a reader. This year our new Smart Lab toys will be makig their way into baskets!

Family Connection tip: Reading doens’t always have to be a book! Doing activities like puzzles and games opens conversations that can spark an interest. Or a question that requires some digging deeper to answer. Some of my favorite memories are of the kids getting into headed debates on a point made over a card game and everyone taking a break to Google Search the answer!

These toys are STEAM focused learning kits that are geared towards fostering creativity & learning through play! And, they each come with their own book! Check out this video

Which ones would your readers be most excited for on Easter morning?

Currently in stock are
Lip Balm Boutique
Squishy Human Body
Storm Watcher Weather Lab
Tiny Art
Tiny Gardening
Tiny Science
Tiny Solar System
Tiny Baking (this one is my youngest’s FAVORITE!)
Tiny Robots
Organic Science Lab
Tiny Ice Cream
Bug Playground
Outdoor Science Lab

For an even greater learning experience, ask me which of our books would pair perfectly with each kit. Oh, and check out this video about the Learning Resources too! I use many of these at home for homework practive and in my classroom. I love how they make learning fun and the kids ask to use them!

Easter Bundles

I’m not the most creative when it comes to pairing things together. I have lots of friends that are and they make it look all fancy! This year, the company took some of the stress of pairing things up away by making Basket Bundles. These Basket Bundles are the perfect way to make your Easter shopping a little easier and get a great deal!

Also, check out this video featuring some of our amazing Easter themed books.

Shopping Link

Ready to get some of these items? You can shop at my online store.

I also do online books gatherings! If you would like to host one for free and discounted books, just let me know below. I’d love to help you get the right books for your readers!

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