Month: March 2023

Emotional Regulation

Emotions are a difficult territoty to nagivate. Expically when you are small and have such a tiny space to fit them in. In the middle of student meltdowns, I often have to remind myself that […]

From Dumpster Fire to Harmony

A dear friend who is experienceing some new heartache chatted with me last week. In our tear-filled discussion, she told me how amazing I was because no matter what was going on, I had all […]

Easter Baskets of Literacy

Spring is around the corner, and I’m so excited for rain and mud and flowers! And, it is also one of the New Title releases in my book business! Yay! I love the smell of […]

Authentic Reading

“We’re gonna read about WHAT?!?!” At the beginning of each new unit at school, I hear this. A lot. Loudly. They roll their eyes and gnash their teeth much like the Wild Things. I pretend […]

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