Challenge Physically Fit Accepted

Challenge Physically Fit Accepted

Weight has become a bit of a problem lately. I’m going to blame it on aging. In reality, I’ve gotten into some bad habits like not being active and drinking soda. January 1, 2023 started a 6 week program to break up with some of those habits.

6 Week Shred Challenge

I needed some skin in the game to ensure I was going to follow through. I’ve been getting up at 5 am, but none of my morning routine included exercise. I signed up for a challenge where I had to put $100 on the line. In return, there was an accountability piece — posting pictures of my food and workouts in a private group; three pictures per week. I also had to prove my weight in and would weigh out in a video. I put my money down, did my first video, and printed the workout instruction sheet. So far, so good!

Week 1

The workouts were my personal focus this week. I watched videos of the exercises and made modifications for the lack of equipment I have at home. The night before, I set out my workout clothes and set my alarm. Monday it took me about an hour to do the workout, and I didn’t quite complete the final round. I was dead and had to get ready for work.

Workout 1 DONE!

Tuesday was a bit easier since it didn’t have a set workout. I decided to walk on my new treadmill. My old one had died after 20 years and training for three marathons. A friend at school introduced me to a new brand, and I bought it for myself for my birthday. I’m already liking the new treadmill better then the old one.

Wednesday was another exercise routine, and I made it through all of the rounds! Thursday was another walking day — good thing because I could barely walk up stair or sit down beacuse I hurt so bad. I knew I needed to keep moving or it would be worse the following day.

Friday I did another exercise circuit, and I was amazed at how much more I was able to do. I got through the entrire exercises in 50 minutes!

Week 2

This week the focus was on my diet — and getting the boys on board. I decided to go with the water intake recomendations I got from another program. 1 ounce of water for each pound you weigh. I swapped out my regular cup at school to two plastic water bottles that had the ounces marked on them. Then I told EVERYONE I was not drinking soda. If I was caught with a soda, someone was sure to call me out. At school I moved my Dr. Pepper from the fridge to my soda drinking friends. And we started the week.

Breakfast for us is usually eggs with salami and salsa or homemade pancakes/waffles/french toast with fruit on top. Occassionally the boys will want cereal. Sometimes I have a bowl of Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. The diet plan suggested by this new accountability group was doable — but not really self-explanitory. It also relied heavily on suppliments that I wasn’t willing to purchase.

Lunches, for me, are leftovers. Easy to prepare and bring to school.

Dinner time is where things can get tricky. If there is nothing planned after school, I am good to take my time to cook. If there are appointments, or sporting practices/events, this is where it gets tricky. I have to eat on a schedule for my blood sugar (pre-diabetic). We have tried to prep ahead of time, but my boys don’t eat food that has been warmed up very well. I just started adding a salad to every meal, and using the recipes that were suggested. Hamburgers with added spanich, green chilies, and bell pepeprs. Chicken breast with artichokes and tomotoes. Shrimp and fish in the air fryer.

K had her birthday this week, and we went out to Noodles and Company. They all got noodles, and I got a salad. No soda — bought a water. Baby got a milk, and R asked for a protein with his noodles.

Weigh in today, and my numbers have dropped about 10 pounds! YAY!

Birhtday Celebration Dinner

Week 3

Excerise routines changed, so new exercises this week which was good. I realize I get bored doing the same thing, or I find ones I like and just do those. Not great if I’m trying to target the whole body. On the off days, I am on the treadmill the same length of time it takes me to do the workout.

I’m keeping up with the food, but I’m finding that the change in this diet is difficult to keep up with. I’m still not sure what is allowed and what isn’t, and the recipe book they provide doesn’t really fit the plan I’m supposed to be on. Bought more veggies this week only — my boys didn’t realize there were so many they actually didm’t mind. Adding to our list of broccoli and bell peppers: asparagus, beets, and spanich.

Had a date with R this week, and he asked to go out to dinner. He picked a buffet specifically so there would be things I could eat on my diet and things he would be willing to eat. Neither one of us got a soda!

Week 4

The exercise has become a part of the morning routine, and although I’m not perfect (there have been a few missed days), I’m feeling better and able to do the same exercises in less amounts of time. Water intake is great, and only a half of a baby soda on a bad day so far! Friends at school have mentioned the lack of soda.

This week had a huge win for me. R asked me to start getting him up 20 minutes eariler so he can run on the treadmill before getting ready for the day. Again, we aren’t perfect — he has an insomnia issue we are trying to address that messes things up. When he’s not falling asleep until after midnight, I’m not getting him up at 5:30 to exercise. He needs the half-hour of sleep.

One thing I’ve noticed this week is meal time has become harder. I’ve lost my interest in food. Making it and eating have become a chore. I tried a protein shake, and got super sick. Turns out I’m allergic to indredients in several of the more popular ones. Baby likes the shakes for his breakfast, and since it reduces a morning fight for him to eat, I’m good with it.

Week 5

Numbers on the scale have plateaued. Not sure if this is because I’m not sticking to the confusing diet plan like I need to, or if I need to do something else different. However, the inches are still adjusting, so I’m seeing some progress. I don’t feel so tired or bloated by the end of the day.

Last change in diet and exercise plans. I think once this is done, I’m going to go back to the Fast Metobolism DIET I was on before. That was less confusing to me, and easier to maintain. I’m focusing on portions this week to see if that helps the scales come down.

I find myself getting restless when just sitting now. When I’m reading my book, I often gravitate to walking on a low speed on the treadmill. When doing paperwork at school, I’ve moved things off the top of a book shelf so I can use the exercise bike. If I’m stuck sitting, I try to do chair yoga that isn’t disruptive.

Week 6

I was excited, and a bit nervous for the finall weigh in. My weight isn’t quite down to what my goal was. Here are the results:

Call to Action

I’ve learned that not all diets or exercise plans are made for everyone. I need some variety in my exercise, and I need people to hold me accountable. I liked when I ran with Team In Training becuse I knew every Saturday they were counting on me to show up to get the training in. I’m thinking of signing up with them again. Great passion project!

Diet is still a bit of a struggle. R has noticed there are several places he isn’t able to eat out anymore. He realizes that he feels crummy the following day. We’ve decided as a family to only eat out for two reasons:

  1. emergency meal when blood sugars are dropping and there isn’t time to cook
  2. on special occasions

We have also made a list of okay places to eat out and not okay places. We are doing better at having a weekly menu and making sure we have lots of veggies in the fridge.

What do you do for diet and exercise? Have you found something that has worked for you? What hasn’t worked?

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