Why So Early?

Why So Early?

I didn’t have enough time in the day. It started off as simply as that. I got up in enough time to shower and get dressed before getting kids up, then the whole day started off rushed as we got ready for school, off to school, I taught school, then home to do homework and extra-curricular activities, housework, prep for the next day, bedtime showers and reading and tuck kids into bed, and I


Where was I supposed to fit in exercise or self-care or anything for that matter?

I was losing myself in the mess.

Time to Change

Something had to give, so I started getting up 30 minutes earlier — nothing too crazy mind you. Just enough to do some reading before jumping in the shower and doing all the same madness. But I had some me time.

Then one of the leaders in my book business offered a challenge to everyone: get up at 5 am. There were specific things we were supposed to do, and I kind of balked at it, but gave it a shot.

My life CHANGED!

I suddenly had some time to do those things I wanted and needed to do. But it wasn’t quite enough, so I pushed myself to get up a 15 more minutes earlier. Then 10 more minutes. And then 20. Finally it became an hour. Yes, I get up at 4 am Monday- Friday, and I’m up by 6 (usually) on Saturday and Sunday when I get to sleep in.

What Do You DO?

This is the first question I get asked when people discover how early I get up. As of 2023 when I’m writing this, here is my schedule:

4:00 Get up to exercise.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday follow a set workout plan focusing on resistance or weights.

Tuesday/Thursday running on a treadmill.

Doing a 6-week shred challenge with
Gravity Transformation
Vision Board 2023

4:30 Daily Declarations and Vision Board.

4:35 Work on my business – sending messages or answering messages, put together events, social media posts.

5:00 Shower and get ready for the day.

5:15 Prayer and Bible Study.

Journaling my prayers, reading the Bible, and doing a workbook study guide.

6:00 Get oldest up to shower. Personal Development reading while he showers.

6:25 Get youngest up. Start breakfast for everyone. Pack lunches.

6:45 Do daily housecleaning for the day – we have sectioned the house off so each room gets a day and each room is divided into three tasks so we each have something to do. Boys do their jobs after school, but I’m done so I can supervise!

Monday: Living Room

Tuesday: Kitchen

Wednesday: Bathrooms

Thursday: Bedrooms

Friday: Mom-office, Kids- Game room

7:00 Finish getting ready for school – brush teeth, shoes and coats on.

7:10 Leave for school.

5 a.m. Challenge

If you have been following me at all, you know that I’m going to challenge you to do something with what I’ve talked about. I challenge you to get up at 5 am — or even 30 minutes earlier then you already are for the next 4 weeks. Tell me what you’ve done and how it changes your day!

A warning that the frist week is a bit rough as you make adjustments. If you need some encouragement or ideas, or want to share what is working for you, join me on Facebook at: 5 AM Challenge

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