Daily Declarations

Daily Declarations

I don’t think we have talked about declarations (or affirmations) before, so I wanted to do a quick write up of what they are.

What are Daily Declarations?

Basically, they are short statements you tell yourself about qualities you want to have. I say them out loud to myself at least twice a day — once in the morning and again at bed. Each time, I say them three times. The first in my regular voice, then in a silly voice, and finally in a deep voice. Research says it takes us three times hearing from different sources before our brain starts to perk up and take notice. Saying it in the different voices tricks my brain into thinking those are different sources.

Here is what my current declarations look like:

How to Use Them

I personally type them up, laminate them, and have them hanging on my bathroom wall. Thanks to the teacher in me — lamination make it permanent! Not really. But I do want to be intentional. I want saying these to become a habit — something I say automatically and think about implementing in my daily life. Every time I’m in there, I take a minute to say at least one. Brushing my teeth, getting ready for a shower, putting lotion on my hands. I take a minute to check in with myself (am I breathing?) and say them to refocus before I leave.

Word of the Year and my Daily Declarations


Need some inspiration for writing your own declarations? I absolutely loved the book Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women by Becca Anderson. Kurt Duncan at 3 Key Elements is where I first heard of them. He often offers classes that I would highly recommend. No, I don’t get any financial kickback if you join — I just like to pass on what has helped me in this journey. He also has some amazing audios!

Some things to consider as you write your own:

  1. Stick to short sentences that are easy to repeat and memorize
  2. Pick 2-5
  3. Review them after a few months and change, delete, or add to them as necessary

Other ideas

Instead of daily declarations, I have a friend who writes a journal as if she has done things. Example: she was asked to do a presentation at work so her journal talked about what an awesome job she did at her presentation BEFORE she actually did it.

Pick one that compliments your word of the year and use it as a mantra.

I base my monthly goals off the declarations, or I write a declaration based off a goal.

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