Word of the Year 2022

Word of the Year 2022

Intentional was the word I picked for last year. I felt good with that choice for the first two months. Then it all fell apart in a complete mess. Lets just say a few police visits, an open and (quickly) shut DCFS case against me, and my youngest daughter moving out started the windfall. Add mediation, court, and the costs that come with those over the next few months. Then before school started, I switched rooms and positions at work. Summer was filled with me learning a new teaching and IEP platforms. Plus new administration, remembering protocols I haven’t used in three years, and getting to know new students. Not a bad year, but definitely one with a lot of growing involved.

I’m looking forward to a new year, a new focus, and new goals to guide me.

Blind Spot Check 2002

I’m pretty sure I harp on this every year, but it has proven to be such a powerful tool. A bit hard to swallow when it is first looked at — truth usually is. Honestly, it is difficult to ask questions to get answers to areas you aren’t sure you are struggling in. I break it out into the 8 F’s that I tag this blog with: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Following, Friendship, and Fun. There are a few direct questions I ask, but most are open ended. I’m expecting those answers back over the next few weeks. When I get results in, I adjust my readings and goals as needed.

There are a few areas I already know I want to spend some major time working in. I was thinking of easing into the year with something a step above intentional — focused sounded good. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more passive that word sounded. I’ve been focusing on things and letting them spin in my head all year. It’s time to take a more possessive stance and start to do something.

Final Decision: Word of the Year 2022

Challenges and Goals

Just like last year, I’m also encouraging my boys to help me in the 91 Day De-Clutter Challenge. I’ve made it through a few rooms during the year, so I’m actually ahead of the game! That gives me more time to focus on the problem areas of the house (like this office).

I’ve also started some new reading challenges in my personal reading goals. There are also some resolve to read challenges for you to join me on as well! I will be posting my blog goals a bit later on — I’m finalizing the areas of focus this year.

Please let me know what your chosen word is in the comments below. This is going to be another exciting year, and I’m thankful you are on this journey with me.

Happy New Year!

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