Resolve to Read

Resolve to Read

It’s no secret that I love to read. In case you haven’t looked over my Currently Reading page, I made it through 60 books last year!

Many people in my life (including my students) have made fun of my reading. The most used excuse to not read is they “like to get out and experience life, not just read about someone else experiencing it”. I totally agree! The kids and I get out often and have as many adventures as we can squeeze in between school and responsibilities. I love to travel, enjoy doing new things, and looking for something different to experience (Llama Fest anyone?).

But, I find myself always drawn back to books. There is a comfort in finding someone who thinks the same things you do, but who says it eloquently. I like experiencing life beyond the limits of time, space, and money. Nobody can replace the lives I have lived or take away my knowledge base gained from reading. Nor can the friends I made in person, based off a conversation about a book we loved (or hated), be lost. And in between the moments that make up my life are bits of time I borrow for my reading — waiting in line, waiting at the doctor’s office, before the kids get up and after they go down, while I’m waiting for water to boil . . . when I look for them, I can find time to read.

In order to be more ACTIVE in my reading, I’m starting off the year with a few Reading Challenges that you can be involved in!

Reading Challenge 2022

This year I’m keeping the 50 book goal, but adding a bit more challenge to it. I have a list of 50 different types of books to read that I adopted for this year’s reading challenge. I did modify it to state that I am only allowed to re-read a book if it is specifically in the challenge itself.

Head over to Reading Challenge 2022 to join me.

Resolve To Read Challenges

There are so many studies that have been done to show why kids need to read. Academically, emotionally, socially. I want to foster a love for reading in my personal kids, in the kids I teach, and in the adults that I associate with. In order to do that, this year I am going to be running a few challenges.

In my Facebook Group, I will have small challenges based on National Holidays, or things that prick my interest. Follow me there, and I promise minimum of 10 mini challenges each month.

I am also going to do a large monthly challenge that will involve raising money, donating books, and will have prizes for those who help out. I’m starting the year off with a Reach for the Stars Challenge!

This is a reading incentive program that lasts for two weeks. You and your kids commit to reading for 30 minutes a day for 2 Weeks (300 minutes), then ask friends and family to sponsor your efforts (examples: $10 each week if they complete their time, $30 for the whole challenge, $2 a day, $1 a minute). At the end of the challenge, I will work with you and your child to pick out some books from my e-store they would enjoy with the money they earned by reading! Prizes for those who read the most time and those who earn the most sponsors. More information will be posted on my Facebook Group.

Join me!

Please join me in Resolving to Read in 2022. I would LOVE to have more friends along for the journey!

If you have a fabulous reading challenge idea, please let me know! Share in the comments below how we can work together to Resolve to Read in 2022!

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