Word of the Year 2021

Word of the Year 2021

We needed a quiet movie to help us calm down before we started New Year’s Eve shenanigans (which included a lot of game playing, treats, and one friend for a few hours). The cute figure from Baby’s Happy Meal sparked curiosity. We all agreed to cuddle and put in the new Disney/Pixar movie, Soul.

Definitely a fitting movie just before the turning of a year. I identify with the Lost Souls who get caught up in obsessions and lose themselves. We all loved how Number 22 found joy in the people and experiences of just living. I wish I didn’t understand the heartache of wanting the spark to become the purpose.

The following morning, the kids and I sat down to work on a 2020 reflection. The reflection exercise leads to picking a word for the year. The word sets the tone for the goals we work in in January.

Picking a Word

There are so many options on how to do this. Do you also get a million ads on Facebook or emails about setting goals, starting resolutions, and picking your word? This is not one of those How To posts, however, if you want some direction from me, visit here. Today, I’m just walking you through my personal process, and shouting out to the ladies who are helping me make changes.

Notice: I am not sponsored by any of the following links. You can purchase or not, and I make nothing either way.

I found this cute 2020 Reflection paper at Mom Envy The kids and I sat down and filled these out together. She also has a goal setting worksheet that we skipped (for now). The kids got this far and lost interest.

2020 Reflections: shared with permission from the kids

From here, I follow a Word of the Year Toolkit I got from an email newsletter. I like this because it makes me think about HOW I’m going to change to incorporate the words I’m looking at. You know I like to dig down deep and get into the mess of the thing before I count myself committed.

There were three words I was choosing between: renew, consistent, and intentional. Through the toolkit, I realized that two of my words were already intertwined. I dropped the slightly weaker word. One word was already happening naturally, so I also dropped that word.

2021 Word of the Year

Challenges and Goals

On to creating goals and signing up for challenges!

I have found that decluttering my physical world helps the emotional and spiritual worlds as well. I signed up to follow Mary’s 91 Day Decluttering Challenge for the third year running! Hopefully I will get farther this year than I did the previous two. I like that this challenge is about progress. And, there is a Facebook group to give support or encouragement on the days (weeks) I feel overwhelmed.

The second place I jumped to was Not Consumed to see what new bible studies Kim had posted. There, I signed up for the free 5 day bible study. And, I may have purchased a few other things to help us as we start being INTENTIONAL in our family devotional time.

Last challenge I set up was the Sibling Adventure. I actually bought this last April when the fighting between the kids had reached a breaking point — my breaking point. I finally got it printed and ready to roll!

Finally, I wrote my January Blog goal. Are you ready?

Using the book Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst, I will identify the type of unglued I am. I will work on a five day challenge to change my thinking in situations where raw emotions normally take over.  I will teach my children the three grace steps.  As a family, we will track our progress by a daily “temperature check” before bed.  We will do these things intentionally during January 2021 so that we can have open and honest conversations without stuffing or exploding for a more healthy home. 

Book: Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst.

Bible verse: 2 Chronicles 20:15 “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army.  For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”

Call to Action

I’m always looking for suggestions on how to make this process better. Or readings I should do to help me. If you have something I need to check out, please drop it below!

Also, I’d love to hear your word for the year! What word is going to be driving your goals this year?

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