Always need to be more,

do better then my best

and if someone else comes in first

I need to figure out where I failed.

Pressure to grow more,

push harder,

rise beyone outstanding capacity

and beat the odds.

Looking back on all I accomplished,

everything I packed into a typical day,

and remembering the failure because I

hadn’t done it all perfectly,

hadn’t pleased enough.

I’ve struggled to prove my worth,

and haven’t figured out yet what enough is,

or could be,

and I hope that nobody realizes that behind the

accomplishment is emptiness.

Inside reverberates the voice in my head that whispers

my efforts have fallen short and

I’m not good enough,

and that is why

my family turned away,

my friendships are shallow and few,

my marriages failed.

The voice haunts my waking hours;

taunts me in my dreams

laying claim that I will be alone

because nobody should have to settle.

2 thoughts on “Enough”

  • You are Enough
    You have always been Enough
    You have ALWAYS been Enough
    For a few heartbeats, I believe I was able to see you as the Lord has always seen you
    You are Enough
    Love you my dear friend – as is

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