Month: June 2020

The Necessity of Relationship

Teaching online during the pandemic has made me realize there are WAY too any distractions. In the Zoom meetings with my students, I spent more time in tours of houses, being introduced to pets, watching […]


Always need to be more, do better then my best and if someone else comes in first I need to figure out where I failed. Pressure to grow more, push harder, rise beyone outstanding capacity […]

The First Step is . . .

. . . the hardest and the most important for a grand journey. Honestly, I thought this was going to be pretty simple. I already know my life is unmanageable. I don’t use guilt trips […]

The Dam Broke

After years of pressure building up, and year of tears left unshed, that once strong wall fell apart. All the emotions that were hidden came busrting through the thick wall; nothing could stop them. Nothing […]

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