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When the big girls were little, we had a jar where we would write out things they wanted to do on slips of paper and drop them in. A the start of the month, we would pull two slips and schedule those activities. Over the years, the papers were either used or updated. Unfortunately, we stopped using the jar.

This week, the littles and I started up the jar again thanks to page 49 of Born To Be Wild. I pulled out my old hiking books, we thought about things we wanted to learn or do, and a good discussion along with some research on pinterest happened! We also updated the daily list of activities keeping in mind the focus of the day:

Monday: Act of Service

Tuesday: Game Day

Wednesday: In the Kitchen

Thursday: Craft

Friday: Outdoors

Love Languages

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Our lists of Fun Things To Do

With things being shut-down for the quarantine, dates have kind of been put on hold. We have been trying to find the balance of school and life at home. Plus, most of the things we wanted to do are shut down for the time being. This week we are also going to nix that and get a few dates in! I still need one-on-one time with each child, and we need some adventures together. They might be short dates, but it’s quality time over quantity, right?

I had R and K take a Love Languages for Kids quiz just so I could be sure I was speaking to them in the best love language. B and C took a similar test years ago. It revealed B’s love language as Quality Time and C’s as Receiving Gifts. Most kids spell love T-I-M-E, and it looks like that is the primary love language of most of my kids (4 out of 5!). R’s secondary is Acts of Service, and K’s is Receiving Gifts. My primary is Acts of Service and secondary is Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

Stepping up my game

Thanks to working from home, I’m catching myself being in my head instead in the present moment. I’m thinking about e-mails, and updates to lessons, people I need to connect with, the next reading project, poetry (because it is National Poetry Month!), the newest part of my business . . . the list goes on. Part of this comes from trying to do my best to serve those I’m not able to see every day. But at what cost to my family?

This week, I promise to walk away from the work except during my set hours. I am going to celebrate the kids in their love language. We are going to have some fun. Tune in next week to see how we did!

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