Exercise Plan (It’s Early)

I like to work out. Feel the ache of my muscles after doing a workout. Feeling like I accomplished something while I clear the headspace that is usually cluttered with noise and lists.

Somehow, I have fallen into the bad habit of not doing anything physical. I used to dance 3 -5 days a week. I used to run marathons. After having R, things kinda . . . tapered off . . . then . . . stopped.

It is hard to work full time, come home to play mom, and then find the desire to make up and stick to a work out plan. Especially when it involves getting up early after nights with a baby.

But, that is about to change!

My New Plan

Instead of hitting the snooze button in the morning, I will be getting up 30 minutes earlier. Which means I will not be reading another chapter (translated book) every night. Nor will I be writing blog posts late into the night (okay, this is my last night doing that).

As part of my Gratitude Journal, I will include a daily record of what I did to exercise — you know, that important accountability piece. I will also be posting a few of my old writings about dance and running. I’ll even add new pieces!

Proposed Exercise Schedule

I’m not quite following the recommendation of The Fast Metabolism DIET. Haylie suggests cardio Monday/Tuesday, strength training Wednesday/Thursday, and stretching on the weekends (yoga/massages). I used to train for my marathons by running each morning. Core T/Th evenings, strength training on M/W evenings, a long run on Saturday and sleeping most of the day Sunday. I’m not training for any event (yet), so I’m going to start off with what I like in order to get back in the groove. Adjusting can always be done later on.


I’m struggling a bit with not getting up and going into my Bible study. One of the books I read for an earlier goal talked about a time tithing and I really like that idea. The problem is, once I start reading, get a cup of coffee, I’m not going to go for 20 minutes and stop to go exercise. I know this about myself. I’m going to try to listen to audios that inspire me (Life Super App is amazing! Click the link to learn about it, or contact me) while I exercise. I currently have subscriptions to the All Grace Outreach which is Bible based, and the Edge series which focuses on helping kids become a leader. I thought about doing an audio Bible, but the voice was all wrong — for some reason I expected the audio to not be an actor, but to be my voice.

My plan is to exercise for 30 minutes. Then shower and get ready for the day. After that, I will do my Bible study until it is time to get the kids up for the day. After school, while they are working on the independent part of their homework, I will work on my writing (or my homework since I have two classes I’ll be taking soon). When they go to bed, I will read for 30 minutes (I solemnly swear I will set a timer and practice self-discipline) so I can get to bed early enough to get enough sleep.

Join me?

I’m a bit nervous about doing this. I’m out of shape, and already know there is going to be some pain coming. Please jump in and offer me encouragement! Let me know your tips and tricks for pushing through when it gets hard. How do you fit it all in?

2 thoughts on “Exercise Plan (It’s Early)”

  • I’m cheering you on my friend!! I too have to be strategic in planning my exercise routine.

    • The struggle to be a full time mom and full time employee while also looking after ourselves is real. I’ve found that the balance doesn’t often tip in favor of me doing things for me. How do you find your balance?

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