Quick Switch

If you have been following closely, you know that February is supposed to be a physical goal. I was excited to start up a new exercise routine, but then three major things happened.

  1. All three kids have been sick for about two weeks. Not consecuitiely, but enough that the nurse at the InstaCare desk knows Baby by name. He gets something for a few days, then passes it on to one of the other two. They can’t seem to shake it, and then this weekend I came down with something. Being up sick until 2 am means I am not getting up at 4 to go running or yoga.
  2. Working my way through the DeClutter challenge in the past few years, I must have gotten rid of exercise clothes that no longer fit. I went with B clothes shopping, and almost had a heart attack at how much a pair of jogging pants cost ($45!!!). I’m trying to be good financially, so this purchase is going to have to wait.
  3. I don’t absoluely love the book I picked to go with the goal. I’m looking for something else. If you have any great suggestions for books about creating an exercise plan, drop them in the comements below! I refuse to promote a book that hasn’t inspired me. It is a fine book, just not quite what I’m needing at this time.

With that being said, I have switched the goals for February and March. The goal for February is now: By February 29, 2020 I will have two pictures posted on my vision board in the areas of family, financial, charity, travel, and legacy posted in my WHY I do what I do so I can set my intentions daily. (Book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl) James 4:3

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