The Way It Is (Sometimes)

Did you notice I dropped off for a bit there?

Moment of honesty: I kinda tanked this past month. Life got too overwhelming and I wasn’t on medication like I needed to be. I didn’t quite hit a Massive Depressive Episode where I needed to be hospitalized, but I got pretty close.

Good news is I’m back on medications and under doctor supervision again. I’m feeling almost back to normal, and the chatter in my head has calmed down into manageable projects. I’m working on putting together our summer schedule that will include specific times for exercise and meal planning. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are heading back to flowing water!

I did the reading for April, and I have a draft of my post sitting unfinished — I will work on that this week. I haven’t even picked up the book for May. The goal was to have a summer schedule printed and ready to roll out today. We are getting there, but without the backing of the book. As much as I hate to do things part way, I’m going to have to be okay with this goal the way it is. I can honestly say I have done my best this month. It doesn’t look like my best of past months, and it won’t look like my best in the future.

What things have helped you when you’ve gotten in a slump? I’m up for some new adventures, so please make some suggestions!

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