Growing in Financial Freedom

“If you want to grow your {finances}, you need to grow as an individual” ~ Crystal Paine

Physical: I will put into action 2 concepts learned from reading Money Making Mom as I follow the Financial Fitness program.  I will do this by the end of February 2019. (Book: Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine). Matthew 13:12

Last month’s reading really got to me — the legacy I’m currently leaving my kids is not the one I want to be leaving. The things I’m teaching them is only part of what I hope they learn from me. I’ve felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon and I’ve been struggling to break free and spread my wings. I finally found the courage to start the process back in January.

This month’s reading was another step in that “looking for freedom” direction. Chapter 1 starts by asking “What does financial freedom mean to you?” Like specifically. Like, look back on the Family Mission Statement and figure out what is lacking due to finances. This is what we saw

  1. Not enough serving and giving back
  2. Not following through on activities, vacations, date nights due to lack of funding and time
  3. Yelling and arguing when the money pinch causes too much stress

Gulp! Time to make some major changes to our life style. Getting a clear vision of what we are working towards is the best place. Like I’ve said before, if you don’t have a goal, any destination is fine. This is where we’ve gotten with no financial goal. Um . . . not the example I want to set for my kids.

Financial Freedom Vision

Each month I want to be able to

  1. Give 10% of my income to the Pregnancy Medical Center, Sarah’s home and missions that support education in other countries in addition to the 10% I already pay to my church
  2. Pay all of my bills each month
  3. Have no educational. legal, and medical debt
  4. Put 10% of my income into savings
  5. Put aside 5% of my income towards vacations with my kids

If you remember, I reviewed two financial books last year, and I was stuck in step 2: Build a Debt Snowball. Guess what? I’m still stuck there. With my new vision, I realized that I needed some expert help to figure out what I needed to do. I’ve read other books with tips on how to save money, but they don’t really apply to me. Most of the tips are things like: cut down on buying beauty items (I don’t wear make-up, visit a salon, get me nails done, etc. and I’m pretty sure my Suave shampoo and conditioner aren’t what is breaking the bank). Or: stop eating out (I make almost every meal from scratch each night). And even : shop for groceries with a list (I go shopping once a month, so I HAVE to have a list). Time to step up the game. As one of the steps I’m taking based on this book, I’m getting a mentor and reaching out to a financial planner to look over my budget and give me ideas on what to do to get my snowball started.

The second thing I’m going to do is set actual work hours for this blog and the classes I’m trying to get started. Instead of writing here when I “have a few minutes” I’m going to set actual times to do certain things. I’m working on branching out into other social media (wish me wisdom — I’m going to learn some new things and attempt some videos) and taking on some in person classes. Those need me to be INTENTIONAL in my working on them. Isn’t it amazing how my work keeps popping up in what I’m doing?

Before you leave today, leave me a comment on what your financial vision is. What does financial freedom look like for you?

5 thoughts on “Growing in Financial Freedom”

  • I thought that what you said was very good. However, I’m bothered about one thing:I don’t see tha your giving anything back to God. I’m sure that what your giving your 10% to is very worthy of an offering, but don’t leave God out of your money; really 100% of your money belongs to God but HE says you can keep 90%. Otherwise, it was a great Blog!

    How are things going for you? The last time you wrote, things were nothing well between you and your husband. I wrote you back but never eard back from you. I think and pray for you all often. PL

    • I went back and edited 🙂 The Financial Vision I wrote were the things I am NOT currently doing that I would like to. I give 10% for tithing to our church each month, but I want to give 10% additional offering to other causes that break my heart. Thank you for pointing out how I missed the critical step of tithing!

  • Thank you for you post. I am currently praying and asking God what He would like us to do with our finances. What does His budget look like for us.

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