Blind-Spot Check

You know those books that the title grabs your attention and before you have even started to read, you know you are in love? Living Your Legacy by Sharon Olson was one of those for me. Before I had made it through Chapter 1, I was craving changes and excitedly sharing what I had already learned with everyone who happened to ask me what I was reading.

I was lucky enough to have her email, and I asked if we could meet in person. Unfortunately for me, she was living in Germany at the time. I was devastated that I wasn’t going to be able to sit down with this amazing lady over a cup of coffee in person.

Living Your Legacy is the perfect book to start off the new year when your thoughts are turned to resolutions, words for the year, and who you want to be in the following 12 months. She really gets to the heart of living. It was while reading that I came to realize how . . . lax, compliant, safe . . . I had been living. When my oldest was getting ready to head off to college a few months ago, I took a moment to really step back and ask myself if I have been doing the best job I can. Had I instilled character qualities, traditions, basic values like I meant to, or had it kind of fallen to the side of busy-ness and been overlooked for the sake of protecting feelings? Honestly, I was not proud of what I was sending her off with. And, I wasn’t happy with how I was doing the job with the younger four. Time to pull out Sharon’s book again and do some adjusting.

The re-read was inspiration for next steps in my family life and for this blog. You can grab a copy in the store. If you happen to be local, I’m going to host a Vision Board Workshop on February 23 from 1 to 5. We are going to be picking a word for the year, discussing how to really use a vision board, reviewing goals, and starting gratitude journals! So much fun! I hope you choose to join me in reading this book or in my workshop.

This sign used to hang at school by my desk, but since it fits my word this year so well, it is coming home to hang in the kitchen!

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