New Direction

This was supposed to be the month I finally dug out the play room and made me a space to work and exercise in.  Instead, it turned into the month I cleaned out my classroom, moved schools, and cleaned out my new classroom!

I’m coming to realize that the phrase in John 4:15 “If the Lord wills . . .” is not just a phrase.

What has happened is the answer to several prayers

  1. Be able to spend more time with the littles
  2. A way for me to feel like I’m making a difference
  3. Able to be more involved in the kid’s education
  4. Help R see success as a student instead of the failure he currently feels
  5. Better friends for the littles

I will take these over a clean room.  Besides, I now teach PE every other week, so I’m getting my exercise in.


With all the changes that have happened, and the new work load I’ve acquired, I’m going to take a short break from Patchett’s Passions.  I’ll be back after Christmas with some new goals, great books, and some announcements!

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