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I want to be a sassy old lady when I grow up!

One who isn’t afraid to speak the truth in a loving, yet direct manner.

I want to be a force for good in my home, my neighborhood, my community.  I want people to automatically smile when they see me coming because they know it is about to get real.

When my feet hit the floor in the morning, I want to start praying and keep it going all day until my head hits the pillow.  1 Thessalonians 5:17.

If you have seen the movie War Room, you know the character I want to be.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you really should plan to do so in the next week!

I only mention this because the book this month, Fervent, was written by Priscilla Shirer who played the main character in the movie.  This book was amazingly powerful!

My goal for the month:  I will create a prayer and devotional schedule based on my reading to improve my relationship with God.

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to get private time with littles at home, and there is absolutely no extra space I can clear out to have a War Room like in the movie.  So I had to think outside the box a bit.  Got me a fabulous science fair board and started there:

The left side is for my active prayers.  I found some awesome prayer starters that had free printables!

  1. Prayers for my husband
  2. Prayers for my children
  3. Prayer of Jabez
  4. Armor of God Girl I added to a copy of The Prayer for the Armor of God. This prayer was taken from another book called Pathways by
  5. Post-it notes are prayer requests or specific people/things I am praying for.  The idea is when I see them answered, I will move them to the right side (that is currently empty since I just started).


The center is where I’m starting to put the Bible verses that stand out to be prayed.  The Pathways book identified specific fourteen areas to be aware of.  My idea here is to be seeking verses as I read each day that fill in the areas I am needing.  I write the verse on a Post-it note (have I mentioned I buy post-it notes as often as I buy books?) and these can be moved around as necessary.  The fourteen areas are:

Thanksgiving, Praise, Deliverance, Restoration, Renewing the Mind, Intercession, Binding and Loosing, Discernment, Protection and Guidance, Repentance, Forgiveness, Purifying the Body, Physical Healing, and To Renounce.

Next amazing free printable I found was a Bible Reading Chart.  I now read my Bible each morning, fill in the chapters I read and put the versed I marked on my board.  Then I spend time praying the Words back to God following Priscilla’s  acronym





Call to action this week: Watch War Room and then read Fervent.


Needing some prayer?  Leave a comment below (if you want it kept private, let me know so I don’t publish it).


3 thoughts on “Prayer and Devotional Schedule”

  • I can see that sassy lady? This is an awesome idea!! I love the science fair board for a prayer room.

    • Thanks! I like how the science fair board can be folded and easily stored, but has enough space for me to post things. It is also a good visual for the kids not to disturb me 🙂

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