(Life Management Week 4)

I dropped off for a bit there — sorry to those who were waiting with bated breath for this post.  I’ve been doing work on developing my command center while also finishing up school (B graduated!), trying to get the bathroom done, scheduling summer Mpact activities, and getting things ready to take B to National Debate Tournament in Florida.  It’s been busy around here!

Let me review the final two sections of the book.

Part 7: Managing Your Ministry

Do all the good you can

By all the mean you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as you can.

~ John Wesley

I really liked how Elizabeth suggests that we choose five areas of service, growth, or interest and become experts in those areas.  These “fat files” are where we can then bless the lives of other people.  This is a great way to “purposefully develop your gifts” like she suggests.  I have noticed that I have a lot of interests, but there are certain things people come to me for advice or help on.  Perhaps those are the areas I need to narrow my focus on so I can grow myself.  Narrowing my focus on these interests will also allow more time for my family and give breathing room — I don’t need to be an expert in all areas, just five!

Part 8: Managing your Time . . . and Your Life

The key to the whole Life Management issue is this: “Having a direction and a purpose, knowing the where and the why.”

Elizabeth give a Prayer for living out God’s plan.  Here is what she suggests after you have set down your priorities (I would recommend you do this is writing.  Anything NOT written down is not something you take seriously.)

  • Pray over your priorities at the start of the day.
  • Plan through your priorities.
  • Prepare a schedule based on your priorities.
  • Implement the plan ( I want to add a reminder to keep open spaces for the appointments God has for you).
  • Check your progress.
  • Prepare for tomorrow.
  • Praise God a the end of the day.

It seems simple enough when broken down like that!

I hope you have enjoyed this book.  In the comments below, leave me a note about what touched you the most or tell me what five areas you are going to focus your files on!


1 thought on “(Life Management Week 4)”

  • Welcome Back! I have missed your tutoring and guidance … You have again caused me to think and evaluate my choices, which is both good and bad. Good because I see areas for improvement – Bad because now that I see what should be changed I feel obligated to change *sigh* Sometimes I understand the whole “Ignorance is Bliss” approach =D Thank you for taking the time to expose me to thoughts I would not otherwise have been able to consider AND allowing me to adopt and adapt to the newness at my pace and in my way
    I appreciate your expertise and experience – I am especially grateful for your example & how when you share your frustrations you make me feel less frustrated with my own frustrations
    Thank you!

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