Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T – Challenge Complete!

I’m going to mark this one as complete even though I didn’t lose the 10 pounds.  I feel like I’ve plateaued for the last two weeks, and it may be tie to figure out what else needs to change in my life.  Final measurements:

Weight: 131.0 pounds for a total of 4.8 pounds dropped

Thigh: 21 inches for a total of 2 inches dropped

Waist: 27.5 inches for a total of 5.5 inches dropped (ok, this one was surprising and pleasing!)

Arm: 10 inches for a total of .5 inches dropped


Benefits that were not directly expected include:

  • Kicked my soda habit
  • Craving veggies and I have at least one at EVERY meal — including breakfast
  • My kids are more aware of what we are eating and are making healthier choices on snacks
  • Less food waste
  • More energy and I’m sleeping better at night

The next step here is to start some exercise routine.  I’m not opposed to it at all — I used to be a dancer and a marathoner — I’m just not sure where to squeeze time into the schedule to get it done.  Looking ahead, I’m hoping April’s challenge will help me get my time better managed.

Right now, I’m going to go make some pancakes with peaches and omelets with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast before I get my sleeping beauties up for the day.

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