Week 4 — Home Stretch!

Almost done!  I’m really excited to not focus so much on food, with the understanding that my eating habits are permanently changed.  I will be cooking differently, and my tastes have changed.  I watched R cook eggs for him and his little sister using butter instead of oil, and I had to scrape off the residue like I haven’t done in three weeks.  Made me stop and think about how that one switch must be affecting my insides.  I cleaned out the pantry as part of my de-junking challenge and got rid of the candy.  Baby asks for grapes, cucumbers, or apples for snacks and he sneaks my hummus if I’m not paying close attention to him.  I made chocolate chip cookies for something, and the kids have not eaten them (I’m putting the in the garbage tonight), R has asked me if certain things we are eating are healthy, and K even tried some food combinations she wasn’t thrilled about and surprised herself by liking them.  I think they are more aware also, and that makes me happy.

Sadly, my weight and measurements are not what I was anticipating, and I’m struggling a bit.

Weight: 131 pounds

Thigh 21.5 inches

Waist 30 inches

Arm 10.25 inches

Reflecting, I think I did my best eating this week since I actually prepped food, but I haven’t been good about adding in the exercise pieces.  I need to focus on making time to add regular exercise into my schedule.

Meal Plan for the week:

2/26/2018 3/4/2018
Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Cinnamon peach toast Pineapple Wild rice salad Cinnamon apples Chicken and broccoli bowl
Tuesday Stone ground oatmeal Pears Open face turkey sandwich Apple crisp Italian Chicken
Wednesday Southwest stir-fry Roast Beef cucumbers Lettuce wrap Egg Salad Stuffed mushrooms
Thursday Egg White oatmeal Jerky Lettuce wrap Egg Whites Steak Salad
Friday Peach-coconut Tapioca Hummus Pesto Deviled Eggs Sesame Chicken
Saturday Tuna Melt Hummus Ginger Shrimp stir-fry Sweet potato fries Coconut curry chicken
Sunday Oatmeal-Almond Berry Pancakes Hummus Chicken Chili fajita Coconut Almond Pudding Baked Cashew chicken

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