Month: February 2018

Week 4 — Home Stretch!

Almost done!  I’m really excited to not focus so much on food, with the understanding that my eating habits are permanently changed.  I will be cooking differently, and my tastes have changed.  I watched R […]

Week 3 of the D.I.E.T

I’m not going to lie — this week has not been easy.  I had one day where I totally went rogue and didn’t follow the plan because we were out and about all day and […]

Week 2 of the D.I.E.T.

Last week was a bit rough.  I didn’t prep on Sunday because we had people over for football, so there were a few days of panic — we had to be somewhere and dinner was […]

Review of the Fast Metabolism DIET and Cookbook

Did I Eat Today? ~ Haylie Pomroy I am not a proponent of diets — as an ex-ballerina, I saw far too many eating problems happen outside the studio and off the stage to make […]

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