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Getting Started!

Jumping into the reading for my January goal, and I’m pretty excited!  I would LOVE to have you join me.  I’ll be starting with The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness.

I went to a workshop with Dave Ramsey No automatic alt text available.several years ago, but newly married with a baby on the way, I wasn’t in a place to be ready to listen to the information.  My life has changed since then — three more kids, finished my Master’s degree, another separation/reconciliation — I’m ready to listen now.

Money is one of “those” things that I have honestly avoided most of my life.  I know you need it, and I’ve worn myself out working for it.  I try to budget and stick with the budget I’ve set each month.  I do a fair to partly cloudy job — no credit cards, but lawyer fees and student loans from my undergraduate years, and with five kids, I quite often find myself at the end of the money before the month.

With B ready to head off to college, I’m realizing that I haven’t taught her to be the self-reliant adult I was hoping to in all the areas I wanted (and needed) to.  I haven’t understood how to make money work for me, so I haven’t been able to teach her the skills she needs.  I hear that it’s never too late to start good habits, and I’m desperately praying that is true.

Kids are in bed.  The house is settling into the nightly hum of dishwasher running and fridges buzzing.  It’s the perfect time to crack open a book!

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