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Ms. Jana's Learning Cafe

Reading Goals to Build a Better Life

It’s been a thought in my head — turning over and over and over thanks to my OCD.  I have obsessed over the thought of having my own blog where I could . . . what?  What information or advice could I, a mom of five and a junior high English teacher, possibly write about? How can I reign in all the things I want to read, write, talk, and share about?  In my head, it looks something like a wordle.

Jumping In

I started by asking the four school-aged kids residing under the same roof as me, and then moved on to my closest friends.  Results of asking look like this:

B (17):

  • Books
  • Helping people get the help they need
  • Juggling schedules and kids and time
  • Cooking and baking

C (15):

  • Books and reading
  • Relationships — what doesn’t work and how to see long-term
  • Cooking
  • Teaching stuff.  All kinds of things.

R (8):

  • Reading and writing
  • Kids and family
  • Pictures
  • Cooking

K (6):

  • Books
  • Family
  • Teaching and helping people
  • Cleaning up glass (I’m still not sure on this . . . )

I didn’t ask the baby who is 2.


  • Organizing
  • Unconditional love and acceptance
  • Food prep
  • Literature
  • Friendship
  • Parenting/Teaching
  • Dance

In case you missed it, I read.  A lot.

I do an activity with my students where we figure out where their Grand Destination is — that one thing that will combine all the things, people, and places they love — into one grand adventure.  A copy of this activity is in the Write About It! section of this blog.  Eventually, I want to open a bookstore/coffee shop where I can hold mini-classes, book cubs, and after-school tutoring sessions!  (Deep Breath to calm down.)

This blog is my way of jumping in and seeing where I can go, and who I get to take along for the ride.  Welcome!  I’m glad you are here!